based out of Fort Worth, TX
North Texas

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We are a paranormal group that is here to help find answers for you and ourselves about life after death.

We do investigations, clearings, and also have mediums.
We are a paranormal team in the DFW area with passionate and experienced investigators.  Our unified goal is to investigate and capture our experiences in the hopes of finding answers to connecting to the other side.  We are also here to help the public in their quest for answers to their experiences through our consultations. 
Kim ~ Founder, Investigator, Clairvoyant, Empath
My name is Kim I have been working in the paranormal field since December 2011.  What brought me in to this field was because of all of the death in my family.  I am a clairvoyant and Empath and have been working on my abilities.  I am here to help others with closer and help them understand about the paranormal field. 
Jason ~ Investigator
Hi I'm Jason and I have been a skeptic forever until some thing happened overseas and now I can see things others can't or I can hear them.  So I'm here to find out why this gift was brought to me and also to help spirit and their families out.
​Jonathan ~ Investigator 
Hi my name is Jonathan I'm a restaurant owner by trade but I have the passion for the paranormal that dates back to my childhood.  I always critically assesses potential activity from every angle before considering paranormal causes.  My calm and inquisitive nature prove to be a grounding force for our team.
Henry ~ Investigator

Hi i'm Henry I'm a husband and a family man.  A personal tragedy followed by an experience with the unexplained have me searching for answers. It's with a deep belief in the paranormal, my inquisitive nature and skeptics eye, I hope to help unveil the mysteries of this life and the next.​​